Top 5½ Tech FAILs of 2011

5½. The iPhone 4S Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 4S is a great phone with it’s Dual-Core Apple A5 processor and an outstanding 8MP camera, but it came up short on one pivotal point, it wasn’t the iPhone 5. After all the rumors of 4G capability, new design and thinner shape, the 4S just […]

Techspresso 12 – Netflix on the Wii, Root Linux on the Pre, and Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Hey that title rhymed! We give a quick review of the new Netflix streaming disc for the Wii A viewer question about Blu-ray prompting a Techspresso uninformed review Chris shows how to enable dev mode in WebOS on his Palm Pre giving you access to more free applications A 30-second review of Dunkin Donuts original […]