Techspresso 12 – Netflix on the Wii, Root Linux on the Pre, and Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Hey that title rhymed! We give a quick review of the new Netflix streaming disc for the Wii A viewer question about Blu-ray prompting a Techspresso uninformed review Chris shows how to enable dev mode in WebOS on his Palm Pre giving you access to more free applications A 30-second review of Dunkin Donuts original […]

Techspresso 11 – 30 Second Tea Review, AVG Rescue CD, Journey!

A 30 second review of Chai Green Tea from Stash Bring your PC back from virus hell with AVG Rescue CD A tribute to Journey! Download options: Quicktime h.264 Large (480p) : Download Subscription options: Only episodes | All videos

Techspresso 10 – Web Hosting, WordPress, and Don’t Be a Coffee Douche

We talk about how crappy our web host is and Chris recommends some better ones. We teach you how to not order coffee like a douche. Sean shows you how to set up a standalone wordpress installation. Download options: Quicktime h.264 Large (480p) : Download Quicktime MP4 Small (360p): Via Miro Subscription options: Only episodes […]

Techspresso 8 – Christmas Special 2009

Well its been awhile since we actually released an episode, but it has been worth the wait, what you are about to watch is quite possibly the best episode of our fine little podcast ever. The geekyest possible Christmas Tree in the world. Sean reviews his Zarafina Tea Maker Suite. Chris warns against bad tech […]

Techspresso 7 – iPod Shuffle,, and New Season

Sean and Chris share their take on the newest version of the Apple iPod Shuffle. Chris shows you a new way to shop for gadgets online with A new season of Techspresso is coming soon, watch the video for more information. Download options: Quicktime h.264 Large (480p) : Download Quicktime MP4 Small (360p): Via […]

Techspresso 6 – Christmas Special 2008

Marcel shows us some Christmas-themed C++ sure to impress your friends and family members after Christmas dinner. Sean has a quick last minute gift buying guide for your geeky friend or family member. In his new segment “Cheap Ass Chris,” Chris shows us a free, simple-to-use, cross-platform, music sharing application. Sean whips up a festive […]

Techspresso 5 – New Computers and Failure

Sean, Chris, and Marcel review their new computers they bought for the upcoming school year. EPIC MacBook Lightsaber Battle. Sean, Chris, and Marcel look back at the previous “season” of Techspresso and figure out why it sucked so much and subsequently failed big time. Download options: Quicktime h.264 Large (480p) : Download Quicktime MP4 Small […]

Techspresso 4 – Bluetooth

We travel to Starbucks to sample an off-menu item you might not know about. Chris shows us a handy app that allows you to use your bluetooth cell phone as a remote. Sean shows you how to use that same cellphone (with a data plan) to access the internet on your mac. Download options: Quicktime […]