How-To: Vita Remote Desktop Setup

This is how to stream your PC straight to your vita.

Step 1 – Register as a PSM Developer

Go to the PSM DevPortal

Click Register.

Fill out the form and verify the email.

You are now a registered developer.

Go back to the portal and click on purchase PSM license.

Fill out the form then wait around 2-4 days for them to send you an email back saying you need to purchase the license.

Go back to purchase PSM license and you will now be able to buy the license for $0.


Step 2 – Set up the development environment.

Now go back to the PSM Portal and sign in.

Click on Download SDK and then click on the big green SDK button.

Install the SDK.

Download the remote desktop client and server here, and extract the files somewhere.

Go to your vita download list and download the Playstation Mobile Development Assistant.


Step 3 – Building and running the server and client applications.

Open PSM Publisher Utility, which is installed as part of the SDK, and click on the Key Management section with your Vita plugged in via USB.

Click the grey key with the plus in the top left and type in your key. It will generate a publishers key for you. Next click the gold keys with the plus, then click the rectangle with 3 buttons.

Navigate to the folder where you extracted the remote desktop files, and open \VitaRemoteDesktop_RetroZelda_v2\VitaRemoteClient\VitaRemoteClient and open app.xml

Open the PSM Dev Assistant on your Vita.


Now go to the PSM studio on your PC and click file, open, and find the vita remote desktop folder, click Vita Remote Client, then click vitaremoteclient.sln.

Then click “Run with vita (xxxxxxxxxx) ON (the vita has to be in the app)

Now navigate to \VitaRemoteDesktop_RetroZelda_v2\VitaRemoteServer\VitaRemoteServer\bin\ and open VitaRemoteServer.exe

In the server app you can map the Vita buttons and analog sticks to your keyboard and mouse.vitabuttonsvitasettings

Now you need to enter your PC IP address into the remote desktop client on your Vita, you can run ipconfig from the command line if you don’t know it.


You must in PsmStudio go to Build -> Build All. Let it run, then go to Build -> Clean All. After that go to Run -> Run With -> Vita


The FPS is going to be rather low if you have everything maxed out, but I was able to get good performance by keeping the resolution and image quality as low as possible.  Unfortunately RetroZelda isn’t working on this project anymore so I wouldn’t expect any updates to improve the pe

rformance.  Some users are reporting better results when using an ad-hoc network between your PC and Vita.


Thanks to reddit user mojo8679309 for posting this, and thanks to RetroZelda for creating the application.

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