Future Tech Wishlist – NFC

There has been alot of talk about NFC or near field communication recently, especially with CES starting tomorrow.  The biggest use for NFC is to be used for cardless and cashless transactions at brick and mortar shops.  While this is a cool use of the technology.  What I want to see in the future is full integration with services like Mint, Foursquare, and Facebook.  I can see a world where my smartphone keeps instant track of my spending habits, offers alternatives based on location, preferences and price.  Just imagine as you are waving your phone at the Best Buy register and your phone automatically telling you that the item is cheaper at Newegg or Microcenter before it sends your payment info.  Apps that do the same thing sort of exist but they involve some user interaction.  I want to have my phone do the legwork for me before I even look at the screen, just based on where I am and what was scanned at the register.  This way I don’t have to look at the screen or bust out my barcode scanner app.  I know kind of like having big brother watching you, but the way things are today it’s better to have it work for you.


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