Techspresso’s Top 10 Gadgets of 2010

With 2010 over, we at Techspresso wanted to look back at some of the coolest gadgets that came of the year in the typical top 10 numbery list type fashion. This list appeared in Techspresso 16.

10. Not the Apple iPad
I will put literally anything else on this list, but not the god damn Apple iPad. Take a look around the web and this gadget will grace the top slots, but the fact that I still can’t find any reason to buy one over an actual computer or a legitimate eBook reader like a Kindle doesn’t allow me to recognize the awesomeness everyone else in the world is drooling over.

9. Windows Phone 7 Phones
Windows mobile phones in the past have really blown ass, but with the release of Windows Phone 7 they are starting to lose a little of their craptasticness. As much as Steve Jobs has taught me to be critical of Microsoft, I gotta say these phones look slick, and the live tiles idea is pretty great.

8. 3D TVs
Once thought of as a gimmick, 3D TVs are… still a gimmick but cool as shit. Seeing movies like Avatar in 3D showed me that there is some merit to all the 3D hype, so if they can do it right in the home, I don’t see why I won’t be on board.

7. New iPod Nano
The iPod Nano has looked basically the same since it was released, just a smaller version of the classic iPod look, but in 2010 the little MP3 player that could got a big makeover. With its new multi-touch interface and cool watch style carrying cases even I want to shell out some money for one.

6. 11” Macbook Air
All I have to say is it’s about damn time for this to happen, I don’t know how it took Apple almost 3 years to fit their version of a netbook with an 11” screen. This thing is small, quick, and slick as astroglide, as with most apple products. And even though it may be the most expensive netbook you’ll ever own, you know it’s worth it.

5. Boxee Box
I’m pretty sure this started development around the same time as dirt, but the wait was worth it. The boxee app was already awesome and a dedicated box for it put its over the top. Sure some content providers like hulu etc still like to block it, but they’re just big pussies.

4. Amazon Kindle 3
If I wasn’t clear before, the iPad can suck it. I got a kindle and I love it, sure it can’t do as much as you large iPhone, but it does the one thing it was designed for awesomely, reading. That’s where you look at written words on a page and, oh I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

3. Microsoft Kinect
Motion-based gaming has been kinda suckish since it’s inception, but Kinect is a product I think I can get behind. Its surprisingly accurate and with the hacking community building up around it, I’m excited to really see this thing unleashed.

2. Apple iPhone 4
It’s the newest iPhone, done.

1. Android Phones
Even though the iPhone is great, 2010 will be known as the year of the android phone. The Android phone market has exploded over the past year with phones like the Droid X, Droid 2, HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy S. The android market is constantly expanding and I think in the future is going to be a real contender to the iOS App store. In all this one thing’s clear, Android is here to stay and it’s only gonna get better.

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