Episode 15 – Top 5 Most Missed of the Internet

In episode 15 I listed some of the internet’s shining stars that faded away too soon.

Number 5 – Social.fm

I actually used Social.fm quite a bit when it was in beta as Mercora.  It allowed you to stream music from your own library to anyone willing to listen to your radio station for free.  If you are looking for a similar experience now you can check out Grooveshark or Rdio

Number 4 – Mugshot

Mugshot was the first open source social networking site created by Redhat.  Mugshot’s downfall was just a lack of users and the fact that most of it’s features depended on other social networking sites.  Hopefully this void will be filled by Diaspora

Number 3 – Martin Sargent

I can’t be the only person that misses Internet Superstar, Infected, Web Drifter, Unscrewed, and This Week in Fun.  Martin’s blog hasn’t been updated in awhile hopefully he’s busy working on his next project or maybe he can work for free for Take27.tv

Number 2 – Rampant Piracy

Now I understand the importance of paying content creators for their hard work, but I kind of miss the world of 2001 where it was entirely socially acceptable to download everything from Napster and never pay a thing for music.  I’m not sure if my conscience is getting louder with old age, but I can’t just Pirate stuff if there is an equally hassle free legal solution.

Number 1 – Lala

As a fan of Apple computers I hate to see Apple make these kinds of moves.  I can understand Apples need to crush their competition but they have not even integrated Lala’s features into iTunes.  Luckily it looks like Zunepass and Rhapsody are working on filling in the void left by Lala.

Check out Episode 15 for the full story !

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