New Xbox 360 Controller

It transforms to an actual D-Pad when you need precise movements ! or a disc for when you need non-precise movements ?! why would you need non precise movements. I don’t understand why they didn’t just make a controller with a real + shaped D-Pad, but anyway I’m excited and can’t wait for the fighting […]

Cheap Ass Chris – $149.00 Android tablet at Kmart (update)

If you are anything like me you may be slightly interest in the iPad but the price and the locked in iOS have turned you off .  Well here is our chance to experience a tablet computer with slightly lower specs at a fraction of the price.  The tablet comes with android 2.1 installed, but […]

Episode 15 – Top 5 Most Missed of the Internet

In episode 15 I listed some of the internet’s shining stars that faded away too soon. Number 5 – I actually used quite a bit when it was in beta as Mercora.  It allowed you to stream music from your own library to anyone willing to listen to your radio station for free. […]