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Our site had been down for almost a month on the terrible web host The idiot that I am, I didn’t back up any of the site so I was waiting for the site to come back up so we could move to a different host. But as days turned into weeks we decided we couldn’t take it anymore and we decided to buy hosting through (See Episode 10 for more info) and start over from scratch.

This turned out to be great as our new site is way better than the old could have ever been. Not old does our new site look better, we were able to add more functionality to it. Functionality like:

  • EasierĀ navigationĀ of episode and video archives
  • We can now host the actual h.264 files for each episode and make them available for download
  • New video RSS feeds one for all videos and one for just episodes
  • Added Facebook and Twitter functionality so you can stay up to date with Techspresso

We are always trying to continue to improve Techspresso so you can expect updates to make the site even better as time goes on.


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