Techspresso 5 – New Computers and Failure

Sean, Chris, and Marcel review their new computers they bought for the upcoming school year. EPIC MacBook Lightsaber Battle. Sean, Chris, and Marcel look back at the previous “season” of Techspresso and figure out why it sucked so much and subsequently failed big time. Download options: Quicktime h.264 Large (480p) : Download Quicktime MP4 Small […]

Techspresso 4 – Bluetooth

We travel to Starbucks to sample an off-menu item you might not know about. Chris shows us a handy app that allows you to use your bluetooth cell phone as a remote. Sean shows you how to use that same cellphone (with a data plan) to access the internet on your mac. Download options: Quicktime […]

Techspresso 3 – Open Source, Coffee Grinding, Soybon Action

Sean and Chris share their favorite open source apps for the mac in the “Mac Open Source Round-up.” Sean shows you the ins and outs of grinding your own coffee. Guest Brian reviews the terribly addictive web game Syobon Action. P.S. Sorry for the attempt at a Diggnation spoof at the beginning. Download options: Quicktime […]