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And We’re Back!

That’s right, after a very long bout of laziness hiatus we’re back with all new episode(s)! There’s exciting new things coming your way from Techspresso and the family. So why don’t you start now with the pretty terrible awesome new Techspresso Episode 24 – Make Your Own Reddit and Cold Brew Coffee!

How-To: Vita Remote Desktop Setup

This is how to stream your PC straight to your vita. Step 1 – Register as a PSM Developer Go to the PSM DevPortal Click Register. Fill out the form and verify the email. You are now a registered developer. Go back to the portal and click on purchase PSM license. Fill out the form […]

Top 5½ Tech FAILs of 2011

5½. The iPhone 4S Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 4S is a great phone with it’s Dual-Core Apple A5 processor and an outstanding 8MP camera, but it came up short on one pivotal point, it wasn’t the iPhone 5. After all the rumors of 4G capability, new design and thinner shape, the 4S just […]

Techspresso 21 – Techno Kitten Adventure Contest!

Instructions for entering Compose a tweet containing your Xbox Live username and the hashtag #techspressofreetka during the time the contest running (see below). Upon winning We will contact you via Twitter and Xbox Live asking for verification of your name and associated user accounts. Upon confirmation we will send you Techno Kitten Adventure via a […]


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